Under the guidance of Criminal Law Specialist Gary J. Grill, our firm recognizes that every case and every client is unique. As advocates, our mission is to make sure that your side of the story is told from a position of strength.

Although you can always depend on our skill in the courtroom, advocacy means much more. In a very real way, your trial has already started. We know what needs to be done now.



Each case is unique, but some cases require a particularly innovative approach. Grill Barristers has experience in developing novel arguments when a case requires real creative thinking. We are known for our bold advocacy and attract clients seeking to advance the law and win the unwinnable.


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Persuasive. Knowledgeable. Dedicated. These are the qualities that best describe Gary Grill and his approach to the law.

His successes in court are grounded in his thoughtful and logical approach. His reputation for honesty and legal clarity has earned him the respect of judges. His skill at cross-examination has swayed juries in the most difficult of trials. His focus and quiet confidence persuades prosecutors and the police.

Since his call to the bar in 1996, Gary has discreetly represented hundreds of people whose lives and professional reputations would have been irreparably damaged by a criminal conviction. However, when called upon, Gary also has been counsel in some of the most notorious cases in Toronto’s history. The Boxing Day shooting, the case of the Toronto 18, the C.W. Jeffries High School shooting, and the Garden Restaurant murder, to name a few, saw Gary defending unpopular clients charged with outrageous crimes in court and in the media.

Gary is an LSO certified criminal law specialist, and brings his substantial experience as counsel in complex and serious cases to every legal argument he makes. He was an adjunct professor at Osgoode Hall Law School for many years where he taught criminal procedure to upper year students and continues to frequently lectures on criminal law, advocacy, and animal rights law.

Gary offers his clients the highest level of attention, advocacy and legal expertise.



Grill Barristers speaks for you with intelligence, confidence, and dedication. While in the courtroom that often means winning the unwinnable, outside of the courtroom that means fixing the problem before it becomes one.

University Avenue Chambers is in the heart of downtown Toronto. We are close to the Ontario Court of Appeal, the Superior court of Justice, and the Federal Court. This convenient location is also ideal for clients who are in the business district and need to meet discretely with us for advice.


Gary Grill has a long and recognized expertise in criminal law and teaches criminal procedure at Osgoode Hall Law School. He has argued the highest profile jury trials and the seemingly minor theft allegation. Grill Barristers believes that there is no such thing as an insignificant criminal allegation; the consequences of even just being charged, let alone convicted, are enormous. We defend all criminal and quasi-criminal charges.
The complex world of regulatory and administrative law can often seem like a maze. As our Federal and Provincial governments have grown more complex over the past half-century, it is now more common for citizens to find themselves affected by the decisions of regulators, boards and tribunals. We speak on your behalf at the regulatory level and guide you through the process of judicial review.
Professionals, corporate clients and business leaders have different priorities than other accused parties in our criminal courts. We are sensitive to the protection that your reputation and career require through our top negotiating skills. That said, there is no replacement for trial experience: you need a lawyer who knows how the courtroom works, especially to keep you out of one.
Because of his respected position and experience at the bar, Gary Grill has been sought out by other legal professionals for advice and in times of crisis. Even people who know the system intimately benefit from a dispassionate eye. It is always better to have these conversations as early as possible.
Our criminal system can seem careless or even hostile if you are the victim of a crime. This is particularly true of people who have been sexually assaulted. We have provided invaluable assistance to victims at every stage of the criminal process. From advice about going to the police, preparing you to testify, or protecting your privacy and personal dignity, we get you through this.
The art of persuasion is most on display in jury trials. A good trial lawyer knows it’s about the truth; not about the lawyer. Grill Barristers offers nothing less than unparalleled excellence in this forum.
your trial is over, and you want to contest the result, then you need our level of intelligence and legal knowledge. The intricacies of bail pending appeal, the focus on law over facts, and the highly technical nature of appeals requires a different type of advocacy. Grill Barristers has experience before both the Ontario Court of Appeal and the Federal Court of Appeal.
Grill Barristers has been selected as counsel by leading animal rights activists and organizations, among others. Our creative problem-solving approach and knowledge of the law have proven to be valuable, as has our extensive network of contacts. We know that members of popular movements have a role in setting the agenda. Our experience with the media and in court allows us to represent activists in a manner that complements our clients’ worthwhile cause.

Gary Grill is the recipient of PETA’s Justice for Animals Award.